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Our digital marketing services are a great way to take advantage of the latest marketing technology. Our experience and technical ability means you can deploy a targeted digital strategy that delivers results from day one.

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Our Story

Blurt Media Group was founded by a simple principle provide genuine content for businesses to use with their End-Users. Fueled by a passion for digital media and technical curiosity, we strive on providing the best service for not only our clients but the communities they are trying to engage with.

Who we are

We are a group of passionate people, that truly cares about the communities our deliverable are designed for.

What we do

Blurt Media Group offers unique services geared at solving the problems of our clients looking to make a ripple in the marketing their digital content.

Our Philosophy

Passion & Curiosity to change the way companies engage with users and market their content is a driving force with-in our core principals. We approach each client individually and develop a solution for sustainable growth, solving client’s challenges with technical and digital media content creation.


Blurt Media Group offers a wide array of services, we believe in being as diverse as the needs of our clients. Whether it be a simple Social Media project to developing the foundation of an Influencer program. Our staff can help.

Digital Media

Having a solid Digital Media Strategy is crucial for the success of your online presence. We can help develop a strategy and content that will make you stand apart from your competitors.

Social Media

If you are not on Social Media and active you are doing it wrong. We can help you from developing content to running social media campaigns for you.

Technical Marketing

Technical assets are crucial to showcasing your solution. Let us help by creating those best practice papers, demo videos, blog posts, installation documentation, white paper or newsletter.

Analysis & Reporting

Reflecting and adapting is a key to success. We offer unique reports that not only give you a current snapshot of how you are doing but provide insights to help you improve.

Influencer Marketing

Want to reach a wider audience? We can help identify and implement an influencer program or manage it for you.

Event Coverage

Want to get out in front of actual users? Participating in events is the single best way to get face time with potential and existing clients. We can help by developing a solid strategy & execution plan.



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